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Giddy Up Salve is a topical blend of healing botanicals, and DMSO, all infused with our Pure CBD.  Transdermal effect will reach muscles and tendons below the surface.  Reduces inflammation, joint pain, sore muscles, and speeds healing process of cuts and burns.  Use as needed.  Each 4ox tin contains 250mg of CBD.   People, horses, dogs, or cats can benefit from this medical quality salve.  Giddy Up !

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2 reviews for Giddy Up Salve

  1. Theresa

    Most excellent anti-inflammatory, especially the 2nd day after use. Frozen shoulder issues for nearly a year. My progress had stalled and felt I was going backwards. This was the first relief I have felt and I am really starting to see mobility and strength progress since using Giddy UP in the past 8 weeks.

  2. Matthew McDurfee

    Bought the smaller ink up. This product is amazing. It not only helped my arthritis but it also cured my restless leg syndrome. Just keep it in the refrigerator and use a spoon to scrape it like chocolate. Then rub in your hands and apply to the affected area. I had good results after just 2 days.

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